Gentlemen who served as President and Secretary of MYANMAR CYCLING FEDERATION Short history of Myanmar Cycling Federation. Myanmar Cycling Federation was formed in 1946 and was recognized as a member of the International Cycling Federation on 1st May 1947. Since 1961,when the 2nd South East Asia Peninsula Games which were held in Myanmar,Myanmar Cycling Federation has been participating in International Competitions up to the present time.From the time Myanmar Cycling Federation was formed,the following gentlemen have served as President and Secretary according to records available.
1 U Tin Bwa 1947 1952
2 U Ko Ko Gyi 1952 1965
3 Lt.Col. Than Tin 1965 1967
4 Lt.Col. Hla Shwe 1967 1970
5 Lt.Col. Tin Pe 1970 1973
6 U Min Kyi 1973 1975
7 U Htein Lin 1975 1977
8 Lt.Col. Tin Tun (Navy) 1977 1988
9 Pol.Col.Maung Maung Than 1988 1993
10 U Nay Soe Naing 1993 2004
11 U Kyaw Win 2004 2011
12 U Tha Htay 2011 2015
13 U Khin Maung Win from 2015 (To Date)
1 U Hlaing 1947 1953
2 U Chit Than 1953 1965
3 U Tin Oo Maung 1965 1975
4 U Kyaw Nyein 1975 1984
5 U Tin Oo Maung 1984 1988
6 U Zaw Myint 1988 1993
7 U Myint Han 1993 2005
8 U Zaw Myint 2005 2007
9 U Kyaw Min Than from 2007 (To Date)
  1. The institution shall be called MYANMAR CYCLING FEDERATION
    Aims of the Federation are:-
    1. To manage all cycling events at all levels in Myanmar.
    2. To promote cycling as a physical sport,for the public to take interest and take up cycling.To help cycling enthusiasts if they have any needs.Make efforts to educate coaches,commissaries and marshals for Sports and Physical Education Schools,in State /Divisional,District, Township and Ward levels.To help cyclists whatever needs they may have.Make efforts so that the cyclists have garrantee for their future.
    3. To promote formation of cycling teams at the State/Divisional/District/Township and Ward Levels.Help and develop these Cycling Teams.Publish rules and regulations for these teams.To take action for breaking the rules and regulations and ban correspondence with the teams.
    4. Arrange Seasonal cycling races in the State /Divisional,District, Township and Ward levels in whole of Myanmar.Arrange to host international races ,publish uniform rules and regulations for the cycling events that are held in Myanmar.
    5. Select cyclists ,managers,coaches,commissairres,cycling teams,who will represent the country in Olympic Games and Regional Games.
    6. To select delegates,who shall represent Myanmar cycling seminars,workshops and meetings which are held abroad.
    7. Correspond with Myanmar Olympic Committee,UCI and Regional Cycling teams around the world.
    8. Buy and Sell movable and immovable properties for the benefit of the federation when needed.
    9. For the Benefit/development of the federation,accept sponsorships,monetary sponsorship,transfer of money as prescribed by law.
    10. To do all that is needed for the Federation’s aims and aspirations to be successful.
Description. Any Subject,matter,aspect mentioned the federations Rules and Regulations,if they do not contradict one another:-
    Rules and Regulations clause (7)
  4. DISTRICT TEAM means The DISTRICT CYCLING TEAM formed with combined riders and clubs from the district.
  5. DEPARMENTAL TEAM means the Team formed from all the departments in Myanmar.(Example: ARMED FORCES TEAM)
  6. FEDERATION CALENDER YEAR means from 31st March to April 1st every year.
(4) FEDERATION MEMBER The following can be members of the Federation
  1. Two Delegates from each District Team,Departmental Team ,who are in touch with federation can be members.
  2. Two delegates from the State and Division who are affiliated with the federation can be members.
  3. Though there is no Team,members accepted by MCF individually before January 1st 1964 can be members of the MCF.
  4. Anybody banned by other sports organization,Banned Rider from a team which affiliated with the federation will not be allowed to become a member of the federation
  5. Members ship is for one year only and shall expire one day before the yearly annual meeting.
  6. A District Team, to contact the federation , should have application from the EC ,giving them permission,plus contact fees must be sent to Federation”s secretary.Only the EC of MCF can accept their application
  7. District Team affiliated with MCF have the right to change the delegate if they wish.But if the replace delegate is elected as the a member of the EC,he/she cannot be replaced before his term.
  1. As per rule clause (7) and (8) District and Departments Team affiliated with MCF a must pay yearly Membership fees of 5000 kyats.(Five thousand Kyats )
  2. Members who have been accepted by the Executive Committee(EC) of Myanmar Cycling Federation must pay Yearly Membership fees of 5000 kyats.(Five thousand Kyats)
  3. Yearly Membership fees must be paid on the day the annual General Meeting is held,or before without delay.
  4. As Per Clause 8 ,if the affiliated District Team’s delegates,Members fail to pay their membership,they shall lose their right to vote,or to stand for Executive Committee membership at the annual general meeting.
  5. Any members,teams affiliated with the federation fail to pay their membership for more than six months,the federation shall send them a notice regarding this matter.If they still fail to pay their membership fees,after recieving the Notice,the executive committee of MCF has the right to remove them from the members list.
(6) Termination of Membership. Federation Membership can be terminated by using one of methods below.
  1. By sending a Letter to the Executive Committee one month earlier for automatic resignation.
  2. Failing to pay annual membership fees as per regulations.
  3. If two thirds majority of the EC members,who are attending the meeting agree to remove the member.
(7) ELECTING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE To manage federation’s matters there should be a Executive Committee with the following members.
  1. Executive Committee members
    1. President (1) person
    2. Vice President (2) persons
    3. Secretary (1) person
    4. Joint Secretary (2) persons
    5. Treasurer (1) person
    6. Committee Members (6) persons
  2. From the federation members (1) person as President,(2) persons as Vice President
    1. Person as Secretary,(1)person as Treasurer (4) person as ordinary Committee members can be voted and selected.
  3. The Executive Members term is usually one year.
  4. If there is a vacancy in the Executive Committee,the executive committee can elect and fill the vacant seat.
  5. The EC meeting should be held at least once a month.
  6. To help management of the federation,the Executive Committee can form and give powers to permanent sub committees and temporary sub committees to join together with the EC and work.
  7. If (5) members are present at meeting,the needed quorum for the meeting is fulfilled.
  8. The Executive Committee has the right to accept or reject applications to become members of the federation.
  9. The Executive Committee will manage the federation’s financial obligations.
  10. If a Member of the EC or a member of a sub committee formed by the EC, fails to attend three consecutive meetings without any reason ,it should be taken as “that they have resigned”after voting at the meeting.
(8) FEDERATION LOCATION The location of the Myanmar Cycling Federation will be at THUWUNNA YOUTH TRAINING CENTRE or any other place agreed by the Executive Committee. (9) GENERAL MEETING
  1. Date of the Annual General Meeting. As dedided by the Executive Committee regarding the place and time of the Annual General Meeting ,it should be held yearly between 1st and 20th April.The Notice of the Annual General Meeting must be sent (15) fifteen prior to the meeting.
  2. The quorum for Annual General Meeting. 50 percent of the MCF Members shall form a quorum.The members should not be more then 30 minutes late attending the meeting.If a quorum is not formed ,the meeting should be postponed and held after (7) days.If there is still no quorum,during the postponed meeting,it can be taken that there is a quorum,and matters regarding the calling of the meeting can be discussed and carried out.
  3. Conducting Annual General Meeting.
    1. The President of the federation will have to preside as Chairman at the annual general meeting .If the President is not present,one of the two vice presidents will have to preside as Chairman of the meeting.If the two vice presidents are not present ,Members present must elect one person to act as Chairman of the meeting.
    2. In the annual general meeting ,Only the Chairman can administer the meeting and his instructions should be followed.
    3. All the speakers should address their words and remarks to the Chairman only.When speaking ,They must stand up and speak.
    4. All members are allowed to speak only one time regarding their proposal.Only one person from a club or association will be allowed to speak.
    5. If the Chairman or any member present proposes “that the discussions should end now”,if the majority agrees,The chairman can a ask the member who put up the proposal to Second it.
    6. If a proposal is put forward to amend a proposal,before the first proposal is annulled,the second amendment proposal should not be discussed.
    7. If a member wants to table a motion (proposal) at the annual general meeting, the member will have to propose before March (15th) of the year the annual general meeting is held.He will have to put up in writing to the Secretary.
    8. Proposals put up in the annual general meeting will have to be passed with majority vote of the members present.If there is tie,(votes equal) the chairman can ask for voting to be done a second time or the chairman can give the winning vote.
    9. Every year before March 15th,District Teams must send the list of the riders in their district,List of competitions held to the Federation Secretary.
    10. The Federation Secretary must compile the full list received from the Districts and hand it over to members present at the Annual General Meeting.
(D) Agenda for the Annual General Meeting. (1) To elect Elect a Executive Committee.
President (1) person
Vice President (2) persons.
( One of the two Vice Presidents should be a State and Divisional Sports Committee delegate)
Secretary (1) person
Joint Secretary (2) persons.
( One of the Joint Secretary must be a Ministry of Health and Sports employee)
Treasurer (1) person
Committee members (6) persons.
(2) Can also have One Honarary Treasurer and one medical officer.They can be taken as Executive Committee members. (3) Must show a Audit Report of the federation to the members present. (4) Executive Committee’s annual report must be read out at the meeting. (5) To discuss the matters presented in the Agenda. (E) Special General Meeting.
  1. Due to a Urgent Matter or some unfortunate circumstances,for which the executive committee believes that the matter cannot be Delayed up to Annual General Meeting, the Executive Committed can call a Special General Meeting to discuss that matter.
  2. If two thirds majority of the General Committee Members sign a petition requesting the executive committee to call a Special General Meeting,the executive committee is obliged to call a Special General Meeting.
  3. A Notice informing that a Special General meeting will be held,must be sent to the members (7) days before the date of the meeting.
(10) Duties of the President
  1. To preside and conduct all Executive Committee Meetings as Chairman..
  2. To preside as Chairman in Special General Committee meeting.
  3. If Ks.5000 is urgently needed to be used for the benefit of the Federation,he can put up that matter at the EC meeting and get the agreement.
(11 ) Duties of The Vice President
  1. The vice president should help the president in carrying out his duties.
  2. In the absence of the President,he should carry out the duties of the President.
(12) Duties of the Secretary.
  1. On behaft of the Executive Committee,the secretary shall take care of all correspondence ,do all that is needed regarding dicisions taken at EC Meetings.
  2. Send Invitations to EC members,keep meeting records,and keep the records safe.
  3. For the benefit of the Federation,he is allowed to use Ks.5000/-.He can have cash in hand ks.5000/- as petty cash to use when needed.
  4. To register the rider license holders and members of the Federation,and also Teams that are affiliated with the federation
  5. Besides cash,important books,and records,the secretary must take care of all federation properties.
  6. For the whole country to know,inform the media regarding up coming cycling races.
  7. To carry out other duties given by the EC of the federation.When there is change of secretary,hand over exactly all duties and record books
(13) Duties of the Joint Secretary.
  1. Must jointly help the secretary in his work.
  2. In the absence of the secretary,he must take over as secretary.
(14) Duties of the Treasurer
  1. The treasurer must collect the annual fees and other monetory incomes on behaft of the federation and deposit them in a bank agreed by the federation EC.
  2. Issue a Cash Received Receipt for all money received and credit the money in the federation cash books systematically.
  3. Apart from Cash needed due to unfortunate circumstances,For all cash expenditures,the amount used must be sanctioned by EC before hand.
  4. The Accounts Starement,signed and written”Checked and found Correct” by the Federation Auditor should be presented to Annual General Meeting by the Treasurer.
  5. The Treasurer must also perform other duties assigned to him by the EC.
(15) Audit
  1. The Federation’s Accounts must be audited by the Federation Auditor.
  2. Federation’s Auditor has the right to randomly check the accounts books and records any time he wants to do so.Furthermore he can ask the EC,Federation staff to clarify some points if need be.
  1. The EC can select a Bank,or change the bank.
  2. Bank Cheques must be signed by the President and Treasurer.If President is not available one of the Vice President must sign the cheque.
(17) Taking action by Law With the Executive Committee’s consent,the federation Secretary can file a law suit and can also fight a law suit filed against the federation. (18) Competitions/Exhibitions
  1. Members from Teams affiliated with the Federation can take part in the Cycling Races and Exhibitions.
  2. The federation must make a prior announcement before a Divisional or District Cycling Championship Race or Exhibiton is held.
(19) Amending the Constitution.
  1. The Constitution of the Federation can only be amended in the Yearly Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the federation.Amendments,Addition of Clauses,withdrawing Clauses allowed in other meetings.
  2. The Executive Committee must be informed at least thirty(30) days before the Yearly Annual General meeting or a Special General Meeting regarding the proposed amendments .The proposal must be clearly mentioned in the meeting agenda.
  3. Two Thirds 2/3 of the members must be present to form a quorum for general meeting and if the two thirds agree on the proposal to amend the constitution the proposal will be accepted.
(20) The Executive Committee’s decision. If a dispute arises regarding the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations of the constitution,The Executive Committee’s decision regarding the dispute/argument is final. (21) Rights In a General Meeting or Executive Meeting of or any other meetings,discussions by members,expressions and other matters must be taken as their Right.Any member who has been proofed to have broken his Right ,The Federation has the power to warn or dismiss him.Anybody who has accepted his position in the federation must know he is binded by the rules and regulations of the constitution.


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